A true story


It was a typical Saturday night in 2006.  The languid summer air in the east-side Lakewood neighborhood of Dallas was thick thick with smoke and a hint of cologne.

Many of you probably have heard the story and the infamous tagline, “Well maybe you would like to smell me again sometime.”   If not, we can save it for the wedding and then argue over the details of it (it was that long ago).  The rest is history, sorta, with a lot of adventure, joyous and challenging times between.  We are certain that this will not change now that we are saying our vows- we just decided that our love and relationship is something worth celebrating.  That the make up of life (good and bad), we are happily committing to do together.  We will candidly admit, we will be emotional on that day- and we are stating here, we are comfortable doing that in front of you since you are invited.  Ha!  It may not be pretty but it will be great and full of love.


So we wanted to let you know some of the things we love and have going on in our lives.  I don’t typically get Christmas cards out, I admittedly, am not great with small talk especially when it revolves around us- so this was a helpful platform.  Mostly we want to get you up-to-speed on how our lives are shaping up at this time since life gets in the way of making monthly phone calls to each of you.

THE HOUSE : living through a fixer-upper.

Two years into the house, and we now like to say that we may have been ‘blindly optimistic’ about this house.  This may be a lesson in life about making a decision based solely on a feeling and love for the potential, but truth is:  we still love it.  We just ask that people squint when looking around.  In all honesty, the house is amazing (to us) but it can be quite overwhelming.  

We bought a 1910’s craftsman home in the neighborhood of Oak Cliff, which is just south of downtown.  We were fortunate that we had a wonderful neighbor, at the time we were renting, that would sell us the house before putting it on the market. Otherwise, we would have been priced out of the neighborhood as many people are experiencing in cities.  We love the diversity and personalities of our street and we are fighting to try to keep that intact.  More importantly, we can walk to coffee, great restaurants, and shopping and take the streetcar or commute to work in five minutes. On the weekends, we do not need to get into our cars- this was very important to us and was a contributing factor to our blind optimism.

I will never forgot the first time my parents made it down.  My family loves a good project but I don’t think they had anticipated the level of project this was.  I had to probe for compliments selfishly to try to validate our decisions.  Either way, the help that our families have provided, we can never repay.  It feels like we have blessed this place with all the effort and time spent together on it.  We thank them and will continue to thank them.

Under Construction

We made it through!  Barely, but we will be better prepared next time.  We hired for repairing of the bones of the house including: adding central heat and air, insulation in perimeter walls, foundation work, converting the fireplace back to a fireplace, tree removal, and all new electrical wiring.  It was reassuring to know that these things were taken care of- after all the sweat, tears, and negotiating with the contractor you can look at your house and say, well it looks like we haven’t done anything.  Ha!

With the help of many, we are learning the ends and outs of demolition, painting, caulking windows, landscaping, fence repair, purchasing major appliances, etc. etc. The next project(s) will be to finish landscaping and get a second tree for the backyard, and build a back patio.  Then we will focus on a remodel of our kitchen and upstairs room and bathroom.  The house is bigger than we ever really wanted but, in the end, will be a great size as our family expands.

TRAVEL : how can we do this more frequently?

We have become quite fond of our trips together.  Each trip is somehow new territory for learning to work together.  I have learned and appreciate the fact that Travis is well traveled and can navigate and communicate quite well in a variety of situations.  I try to be just as agile, and try to find purpose as the second half, beyond just looking good while drinking coffee (and wearing my backpack incorrectly).

barcelona paristelluride mexico 

We have had some really great and adventurous trips and we have many more we want to do including our honeymoon in Peru.  Here’s to seeing the world- together or die trying.

OUR CAT : we may be those people

We won’t go into too much detail here, cause we could write a very boring book.  Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.  His name is Peter, we call him Pete, and he is awesome.  If you come over to the house, we do require you sit through watching him fetch and retrieve his toy on the stairs.  It is very ceremonial event and gives us many hours of entertainment.