The Day

THE PARK:  The cost of rental of the grounds are used to help maintain and keep the park open and maintained. This was a big part of our decision to have our wedding there.  Having parks and maintaining our city’s history is important to us and maybe to you as well.  Dallas Heritage is working hard to do so.  Please feel free to donate.  We will have a donation box on-site.

ATTIRE:  We want you to be comfortable.  Please wear what makes you comfortable.  Please keep in mind, we do plan on having the reception outside, weather-permitting. The dance floor will be a brick road, so please take note.   Check out the weather in advance here.

KIDS:  We welcome kids.  The venue is a whole park for our roaming and there are many areas to roam.   All are within the confines of a secure fence, but we wanted to give everyone the most information to plan.   The site has chickens, sheep, and donkeys (Nip and Tuck).  We plan on designating a kids area within one of the buildings and will have outdoor games that they can play.

PARKING:  There is plenty of on-site parking if you choose to drive.  I would recommend locking your doors as the surrounding site around the park, is still up-and-coming.  Again, the site is so close to downtown, we would recommend Uber or Taxi.

FOOD:  We will be providing Texas BBQ from one of our favorites in town- Sammy’s BBQ.  We will have an option for vegetarians or other dietary needs, please just note it on your RSVP.

DRINK:  Beer and Wine only will be provided along with water, coffee, and sodas.

ENTERTAINMENT:  We are thrilled to have Vincent Neil Emerson play along with DJ Mark Ridlen for dancing and we require it.  Check them both out here:


Let us know if you have any additional request or suggestions.  LET THE PARTY BEGIN!